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NetMed System Software Utilities for NetMed Systems WebChartMD Manuals
AltaScribe Installer - 10/19/2017
.Net Framework 1.1 with SP1 Instruction Manual
WebChartMD Portal Setup
Windows Power Toys Sticky Paper
WebChartMD CP Client (1.5) - 5/20/2009 Express Scribe 5.21 Esigning
WebChartMD CP Client (2.0) - 6/18/2013 Olympus DSS Player 7  
Full New MT Setup - 6/11/13 Philips Speech Exec  
Net Framework 3.5 final Philips Speech Exec (Full 450MB)  
WebChartMD Autoprint Setup - 3/10/2011    
WebChartMD File Download Service - 3/25/13

3rd Party Tools and Utilities
Sticky Paper Macro
Acrobat Reader 8.1
Acrobat Reader 11.01
Izarc Windows Zip Extraction (Win 2000)
Microsoft Security Essentials
Google Chrome
Autocorrect Export Tool


USB Footpedal Test Utility
MLS Client
- 9/14/11
CP Client 2.1.73
Current MLS Client
Windows Debugging Tools DSS Player Lite
Sturgis Hospital Codec
MLS Config Files - 12/14/09
  Meditech (WMH) Ds32.exe

CP Client Config Files
Performance Counters Patch
Disable GWX Portal 4 Service batch File - 6/11/13

*Only Install this software if you are given specific instruction to do so.
Last Update: 03/29/2017