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WebChartMD System Software Utilities for WebChartMD System WebChartMD Manuals
WebChartMD Portal Setup
.Net Framework 1.1 with SP1 Instruction Manual
WebChartMD CP Client (1.5) - 5/20/09 Windows Power Toys Sticky Paper
WebChartMD CP Client (2.0) - 6/18/2013 Express Scribe 5.21 Esigning
Full New MT Setup - 6/11/13 Olympus DSS Player 7  
Net Framework 3.5 final Philips Speech Exec  
WebChartMD Autoprint Setup - 3/10/2011 Philips Speech Exec (Full 450MB)  
WebChartMD File Download Service - 3/25/13    
3rd Party Tools and Utilities   Patches/Updates
Sticky Paper Macro
Acrobat Reader 8.1
Acrobat Reader 11.01
Izarc Windows Zip Extraction (Win 2000)
Microsoft Security Essentials
Google Chrome
Autocorrect Export Tool


USB Footpedal Test Utility
MLS Client
- 9/14/11
CP Client 2.1.73
Current MLS Client
Windows Debugging Tools DSS Player Lite
Sturgis Hospital Codec
MLS Config Files - 12/14/09
  Meditech (WMH) Ds32.exe

CP Client Config Files
Performance Counters Patch
Disable GWX Portal 4 Service batch File - 6/11/13

*Only Install this software if you are given specific instruction to do so.
Last Update: 01/05/2017